Everybody knows that Germany is a popular education destination for higher education because of its low tuition fees. But have you ever wondered, what other advantages might be being a student in Germany? Here I am just going to post a few of them, for the rest of them you should come and experience them yourself.

  • Your semester fees also usually include your public transport pass, which is valid for usage in all the public transport in the city of your university (sometimes also for travelling in the whole state). Your university student ID card acts as your transport pass too.
  • Germany is located almost in the centre of Europe and therefore you can travel to any country in Europe is really no time and it is also quite cheap. Most of the German cities are well connected to different major cities across Europe and thus make it really feasible to travel anywhere you wish to. So do travel during your studies.
  • While studying in Germany, you will probably not just improve your educational skills in the field of your studies, but also develop your overall personality. You will start incorporating rules and discipline in your life which will help you at every step of your life.
  • Germany itself is full of beautiful landscapes so you don’t even need to go to other countries. You can visit a lot of wonderful places in Germany.
  • Germany is relatively cheap when it comes to living expenditure as compared to its bordering countries, such as France or the Netherlands. So already you have no/low tuition fees and now also less living expenditure. Great !!
  • Last but not least, you will get an additional 18 months after completing your studies to look for jobs or any other further education opportunities. What more could you wish for?

So that’s all from me for now. Keep reading to get to know more about Germany.

Tschüss !!


Hello, I am Yash Inaniya and I am from India. I have been in Germany since October 2016 and currently pursuing my master’s in Embedded System at TU Chemnitz.