Important for international students

Students from Non-EU countries who want to study at a state university or at a state-approved university must be insured in Germany.This applies only to bachelor and master students and not for Ph.D. students. Students from EU countries, who are already insured in their home country, do not have to be insured in Germany. You can directly go to SHI-authorised physicians or dentists with your European health insurance card.

The key benefits at TK Medical and dental treatment

If you fall ill, you can go to any doctor or dentist of your choice, providing that they are SHI physicians, which most doctors in Germany are. You don’t have to pay for the treatment on your own. TK pays for the costs of treatment, which the doctor or dentist settles with us directly using the TK eHealth card on condition that this treatment is a contractual benefit. There will be no limit to the costs we will cover, as there is with the private health insurance.

Hospital treatment

Whatever happens to you when it comes to your health, with TK you will always have access to hospital care. You don’t have to pay the treatment on your own and there is no limit of costs you have to observe. If you need to stay in hospital you will just have to pay a co-payment of ten euros per day.


In Germany, you can only buy medicines in pharmacies, not in supermarkets or drug stores. TK pays the costs of medicines prescribed by a doctor. The policyholder has to pay a minimum out-of-pocket payment of five euros and a maximum of ten euros.

Dental prosthetics

If you need dental prosthetics, your dentist will provide them. TK will cover the costs for standard benefits. The dentist is obliged to inform you about costs and personal share at the beginning of the treatment.


In general, you will be compulsorily insured and will pay the lowest student rate for health and long-term care insurance.

Monthly contributions for compulsorily insured students from 01.10.19

Health insurance* Long-term care insurance without additional contribution 

Long-term care insurance

with additional contribution**

81.25 € 22.69 € 24.55 €


* legally fixed fee for students of € 76.04 plus TK additional fee of € 5.21
** Children from the age of 23 pay a supplement to the nursing care insurance

If you are no longer eligible to be compulsorily insured as a student, for example because you have completed your 14th academic semester, your contributions will be higher.

Effective: 10/2019

End of compulsory insurance

Compulsory insurance normally ends when you complete your studies, at the latest at the end of your 14th semester, or in the semester in which you turn 30. If the requirements are met, you can maintain your insurance cover as a voluntary member after the end of compulsory insurance. You only have to submit a corresponding written

How to become a member of TK

1. Complete the attached application. If you are unsure about what to answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
2. Print the application and sign it (without your signature the application is not valid). Afterwards, scan it and mail it back to us.
3. We will send you a confirmation of your membership with TK. This document is necessary for your enrolment.
4. After your arrival in Germany: Please send us your confirmation of enrolment and the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate which authorizes TK to withdraw the payment monthly from your account.
5. You will receive your health insurance card at your German address.

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