Bags packed, flight tickets booked, all set to explore the land of technology. Wow! The feeling is incredible. Nervous yet excited!

We all have a certain expectation in our mind before coming to Germany for studying. The question keeps lingering in our mind as for how life would be in Germany. Will it be as fascinating as I think, or will it be stressful?

Well, a combination of both to be precise. There will be moments when you will feel its the best place you ever wanted to be and sometimes you will feel, I might not have come here. As I have already spent a few months, I can say LET’S FACE THE REALITY. Your experiences can differ from mine, but in general, things would be pretty much as I list down now:

  • Germany is a country where you have to follow rules as they have been formulated. To be honest, there is no harm in adapting to the German rules. You might not feel in the beginning but you will find later, they have actually helped you in developing your personality.
  • Education wise, Germany has a curriculum which is designed to give you both practical and theoretical knowledge. There will be a lot to study and exams will not be that easy to clear. So, hard work is the key here to achieve success.
  • You will have to do a lot of cooking. As a student, a lot of time of yours will be spent on cooking. Restaurants are expensive and so a lot of students prefer to cook on their own as it will save a lot of money. My advice would be if you are coming from any Asian country, learn cooking before coming here.
  • Germany is a wonderland, it’s as beautiful and serene as a paradise. There will be all four seasons of weather and every season has its own charm. Do travel to the countryside and villages.
  • Germans like to party a lot and so you get along with it. If you like to party, then you are in the right place. It is also a way to make new friends and so don’t miss them. You will have plenty at your university also, so attend them. A piece of caution: Just don’t always party also, your priority should be studied for which you have arrived here.

These are just a few things you probably will experience as a student in Germany. I would just say, be practical in your thinking before you come here. Life isn’t easy and it won’t be. There is no running away from hard work and just focus on things that interest you. Germany is a land of ideas, so pursue them.

I would love to reply if you have anything in your mind. Just shoot it to me!! Or you can write me a mail at

Thank you


Hello, I am Yash Inaniya and I am from India. I have been in Germany since October 2016 and currently pursuing my master’s in Embedded System at TU Chemnitz.