Free Online TOEFL sources

There are many online courses from reputed sources that are highly adequate for preparing for the TOEFL exam and to score well on this test. For more details, check the article Online TOEFL.

Can you survive in Germany without learning German?

If you are an aspiring student planning to study in Germany, the visa requirements state that you require a language competency certificate ONLY if your course is taught in German. Even though there are several reasons why you cannot be compelled to learn German, your survival, independence and career prospects abound with your mastery of the language. Even if you have German language certificates that document your investment in learning the language, it is not about the certificates, but rather how effectively you can speak and make yourself understood in the language. In this article, the author, a German language teacher, presents compelling arguments why should consider learning German before arriving in Germany. For more details, check the article “Survive in Germany“.

My first impressions of Germany – The land of Ideas

Moving to a new country can be a mix of shock and awe. In this article, Chandra Sekar discusses his first experiences in Germany. On August 31st, 2016, the tires of Flight 9W8753 of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines hit the tarmac at the Stuttgart Airport and moments later, I set foot in Germany, the Land of Ideas. Quoting Neil Armstrong’s famous words ‘a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind’ may sound a bit exaggerating. Yet I believe in the grand power of thoughts and would like to think no less of my first step on German soil than that of Armstrong’s on the Moon. Fast forward more than 6 weeks and here I am, quite comfortable going about my daily routines and putting my heart and soul into the purpose of my arrival here – Master of Engineering in Automotive Systems with a specialization in Vehicle Dynamics. For the complete article, please check out “First Impressions“.

Eligibility criteria for German universities

It is now widely known around the world that International students at German universities do not have to worry much about tuition fees. The latter are either non-existent or very low in global comparison. What is less widely known is that German universities often select their students more carefully than institutions that charge high fees and treat international education as a form of big business. For more details, check out the article on “Eligibility criterion“.

Relocating for a job – the pros and cons

Relocating to another city can be a career enhancing move. One should consider both the advantages and disadvantages before embarking on this step. Some pros and cons are highlighted in the article on “Pros and cons of relocating


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