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International Office (IUZ) – Your contact while studying abroad at Chemnitz University of Technology

The first thing you did having arrived in Chemnitz was probably to go to the Welcome Centre at the International Office and get the information you needed. The IUZ is the first port of call for international students and Doctoral candidates who come to TU Chemnitz, as well as for German students considering going abroad. Are you looking for help getting used to local customs and organizing your studies and day-to-day activities during your first few weeks of term? The IUZ Buddy Programme is the perfect choice for anyone looking to find their feet culturally, socially and linguistically at the university or in Chemnitz in general. Under the Buddy Programme, German students help international students get used to life in Chemnitz. The program is also a great way to meet and get to know both German and international students.

The Buddy Programme and Club der Kulturen also put on a variety of events throughout the term, from movie nights, readings and concerts through to discussion evenings, lectures and, of course, several parties with a traditional flavour. Be there or be square!

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Your first steps at TU Chemnitz

Welcome to Chemnitz! So you’ve made it this far; now you’re probably wondering what you all need to do. The International Office of TU Chemnitz provides you with a list of all steps necessary towards your enrollment.

Below are the most important steps after arrival in Chemnitz. We recommend that you follow this sequence, as individual steps build on each other.

Following a list containing the most important things, you should do after arriving in Chemnitz. We recommend you to follow this sequence since the mentioned steps are based on each other.

1. Step Accommodation: Lease Contract If you have applied for a dormitory room at the “Studentenwerk” and received a letter of confirmation, please contact the staff of the Department of Housing and Technical Support (Abteilung Wohnen und Technik).
2. Step Student Buddy Program After arriving in Chemnitz, you can stop by at the Student Buddy Program (Bahnhofstraße 8, room G206a). There, you will be provided with important information concerning the registration process and you are able to ask questions. Please see our website for information about the office hours of the Buddy Program.
3. Step Residents’ Registration Office: Place of Residence The Residents’ Registration Office is responsible for your official registration. You are expected to register within two weeks after your arrival. You need a valid passport and your leasing contract. Any change of address must be reported to the Residents’ Registration Office within one week. Before leaving Germany, you need to cancel your registration with this authority.
4. Step Immigration Office: Residence Permit All international students from Non-EU member states need a residence permit for their stay in Germany. This permit is granted by the Immigration Office. You must apply for a residence permit immediately after arriving in Germany.
5. Step Banks: Bank Account You will need a German bank account in order to pay the semester contribution or your rent. Below you can find a selection of banks in Chemnitz
6. Step Semester Contribution Each student must pay a semester contribution for each semester (251.72 € as of winter semester 2017/18). It includes the following contributions/fees: Student Services, Student Association (incl. semester ticket, Students’ Council), TUC card deposit (multifunctional student ID).
7. Step Health Insurance Companies: Student Health Insurance In order to register at TUC, each international student must present proof of sufficient health insurance for Germany. Students who would like to get a health insurance in Germany can choose between compulsory and private health insurance companies. Students have to bring a confirmation of their health insurance in their home country in German or English language in order to get a health insurance confirmation of a German health insurance.
8. Step Course Fees for Language Course Students: All who received an admission for the preparatory language course (1 semester), please transfer the language course fee (1.500€) via remittance slip to the named account.
9. Step Service Point: Registration After you have paid the semester contribution and the fee for the language course you have to contact the Registrar’s Office which is responsible for your admission. The originals of your documents, e.g. the secondary school leaving certificate and your passport will be rechecked at the Service Point.

Steps 1 to 9 is obligatory for every new international student in order to be able to study properly at TUC.


You may also navigate through all these steps by using the study-in-chemnitz app.

Orientation offers at the University

As a newcomer, it’s vital that you get to know your new surroundings as quickly as possible. We put on a wide variety of different orientation events, which all new students are welcome to attend. Clubs and faculties from across TU Chemnitz come together to organize an orientation week (or orientation phase) at the beginning of every term to help you find your feet in a new city and to give you the help you need to settle into your studies.

The University hosts the following events:

  • for all first-year students: general orientation phase by TU Chemnitz
  • for all international students: Orientation week organized by the IUZ
  • for all students: please consult your faculty or course website to discover what orientation events are on offer!

Orientation Week of the International Office


English speaking doctors in Chemnitz