Through my first blog, I want to share my experience of the first few weeks in Germany and how one can survive through it without many difficulties.

When you land up in Germany, a new chapter of your life has started, a new beginning awaits you and it is you who have to fill the pages of your life. How you begin will define, how it moves along into different phases. As we all know, starting is always the most challenging part so I will just write down some tips about how you can deal with it without any anxiety.

  • The German language is not a must, but a good understanding of it will make your life damn easy and you can swim through initial days easily. So, yeah either learn before coming here or learn here as much as possible. Don’t try to work your way out with English, learning German is fun.. enjoy it.
  • Homesickness can be an issue for some, especially for people who haven’t stayed away from their home ever. So the best way to overcome it is to socialize. Talk to students in your class, and if you are staying in a university dormitory, you won’t face any problem as people will themselves come and talk to you. Just don’t forget to say Hello !!
  • One more way to meet new people is to go to parties. It doesn’t matter you drink or not, whether you like to dance or not, just go there and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


Hello, I am Yash Inaniya and I am from India. I have been in Germany since October 2016 and currently pursuing my master’s in Embedded System at TU Chemnitz.