Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are good. Its been long since I wrote, and I thought its time for me to give you some valuable information about something we all look forward to i.e. Jobs. Even when I was applying for the universities, one question always lingered in my mind, which is, will I get a job after my studies or I have to come back without anything. How is the job scenario in Germany? Do they prefer International students or not? Will language be a barrier and much more unanswered question?

Today it been more than six months in Germany and I can say I am confident as at least, I know now what it takes to get a job in Germany. From attending conferences to job fairs to interacting with seniors, I have got a pretty good idea as of how things are currently in Germany and so I will list down few important things for me to resolve few of your queries.

  • The most important thing, there are jobs. There is no scarcity or dearth of jobs, there are plenty but the question is whether you prepare yourself for the job or not while studying in Germany. It doesn’t matter what you have done till now. After you come here, interact with your seniors and ask them what particulars things companies ask for and learn that during your studies. You still have a lot of time.
  • Attend job fairs and conferences hosted by industries and universities. At that time you will get to interact with the companies and you can ask them directly as what specific qualities they usually look for in a candidate. Make some contact. It’s really helpful, believe me.
  • If you search on google, many people have written that jobs are not offered to international students. This is totally incorrect. When someone doesn’t get a job, they usually find some reason to blame someone. I will also write down the reasons why people don’t get jobs.
  • Germans are very particular about how you put forward your application. If you don’t fulfil the requirements, don’t apply. You will anyway get a rejection, its the same as while applying for Universities. When applying, one has to take care about what they have asked for in job advertisement and do you have what they are asking.
  • German language, every international student thinks it’s an arduous task to learn German and many people consider not to learn it to an extent where they are comfortable with it.  I would say, it’s not compulsory to learn so much German and its one priority to what they want to do. But, I have seen people who can speak good German getting jobs and internship faster than one who is not. You can get a job even without German language skills but I suggest there is no harm in learning it. So, don’t limit your options.
  • I tell you, I interacted with a company and they said ‘ Learn German, programming languages we will teach you’. So, I guess whether the German language is important or not.
  • Coming on to Universities and courses. Universities won’t matter much and so will your grade. What matters is what have you studied and what projects have you done during your studies or any prior job experience if you have. So, do choose your course wisely before coming here.

I hope you have got some fair idea of how things are currently in Germany. Don’t worry too much about getting a job before coming here. When you come here, just make sure you make yourself into an asset. Learn new things and improve yourself every day.

If you have any more doubts, you can always contact us on FB. Good Luck!


Hello, I am Yash Inaniya and I am from India. I have been in Germany since October 2016 and currently pursuing my master’s in Embedded System at TU Chemnitz.